Bats can be helpful to have around. They consume up to 1/3 of their body weight in insects every night. However, we do not want Bats in our attics!!!

Bat waste can be very toxic and will produce a very foul smell. It can also eat through wood and screening around vents and other areas. This is because of its very high acidity. There is a risk of Bat waste growing different fungi that if inhaled for too long, may lead to lung diseases. This is why it is necessary to do a complete cleanup after removing the bats. We also offer a full cleanup of the area.

Ultrasonic bat repellent devices are very effective against bats. These run almost completely silent to humans, emitting ultrasonic frequencies that interfere with bat’s echolocation navigation. Bats are not harmed, this just annoys them & encourages them to seek out quieter locations.

Netting is long-lasting & extremely effective in bat control, & is widely used around the world. We offer several types of exclusion netting – simply install across openings or to protect large areas from bat infestation. Depending on the kind of bats you are repelling, select a size that is small enough to exclude bats, since bats can wiggle through large-holed netting just like mice can. The most popular netting we sell for bat prevention is our PE-Plus Premium Grade Bird Net, because it is very well constructed to protect against the elements, is tightly-knit, & protects against tearing or picking by pests