Organic pest control is known to be a method that utilizes natural resource in order to be able to eradicate different kinds of pests, primarily various insect species that destroy vegetation. It is known to be a very significant part of a program called integrated pest management.
Integrated pest management seeks to control the existence of various pests by the means of using natural approaches through the aid of humans. It also can involve natural barriers as a way to be able to eradicate existing pests in any kind of plantation.
The methods involve the use of natural substances which are formed into different solutions and mixtures that are used the same way as pesticides are used without having to worry about any negative to the environment and especially to humans.

Natural pest control methods

Natural pest control methods are employed to effectively reduce or eliminate infestation without harming humans, crops and other organisms. This method often utilizes other organisms or natural products used to control pests in public health and agricultural environment.

Advantages of natural pest control methods

  • Better for children and pets
  • Healthier for the chemically sensitive and those with allergies or asthma
  • Uses naturally occurring substances.
  • Low impact products and methods with the least toxicity possible.
    Better for the Environment
  • Higher standards in applications and product use
  • Non-staining products.
  • Low ODOR

Smart Cockroach Management service

  • We offer the most advanced treatment for cockroaches. This treatment is safe, quick, effective and stress free. You don’t need to empty the cabinets and drawers and you don’t even need to leave the house after the treatment. Our trained staff will carry the treatment at sensitive areas such as electrical control boxes, computers, cabinet – corners and kitchen appliances.
  • 100% Natural product
  • Very effective product
  • Effective against eggs and adult Cockroach
  • Used in all areas Including food preparation area
  • Zero Stain, Natural aroma
  • Non-toxic water based product
  • Economical
  • Free from being a health hazard to living beings
  • This treatment can be carried out anytime of the day.
  • Long lasting effect.
  • No chemicals involved
  • Eco Friendly